ten reasons to sign up for classes at oil & clay

1. fun!

what could be more fun than making art? we don't know either. 

2. happy vibes

this is serious. endorphins are released...creating art makes you happy! 

3. confidence 

having pride in the work you create helps build self confidence. 

4. get messy

get those hands dirty. make something that's yours. 

5. no screens necessary


no computers, tablets, or phones and we still manage to have FUN! :)

6. appreciate & observe

interpreting natures beauty on a daily basis.

7. community

meet new friends and get silly! 

8. communicate

feeling happy? sad? goofy? prove it. use those nonverbal communication skills. 

9. get creative 

open minds lead to creative thinking and expression. 

10. learn from two local artists and super cool
humans that happen to be us. 

we love what we do and wouldn't trade it (unless you're offering the chance to be michelle obama or beyoncé).