thursday night pottery

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So you're a potter and you know what you're doing! That's awesome. Thursday evenings at Oil & Clay Studio we will be open to anyone that wants to use one of our three Brent pottery wheels or utilize our table space and tools for handbuilding. Use the the link below to sign up and reserve your spot! 

  • $30/hour
  •  clay, tools, glaze, and kiln-firing service included 
    • white stoneware (cone 5/6)
    • terracotta (cone 04)
    • cinco rojo (cone 5/6)
    • b-mix (cone 10) 
  • At Oil & Clay Studio we currently use an electric kiln. We typically fire low fire to mid range (cone 5-6), but are capable of firing to cone 10. 
  • Glazing: We have commercial mid-range, cone 5-6 glazes. You are welcome to use them during your studio rental hour(s). Just as with clay, if you provide your own glaze we will need to know the specifics. 

Sign Up!

PLEASE NOTE: Oil & Clay Studio has after school art classes for kiddos each day of the week, limiting the hours we are available. Be patient with us and we will be as flexible as we can with you. :)